KernTax is the County’s Leader on Many Taxpayer Issues

KernTax provides a consistent presence examining the actions of local governments.

Utility Rates: Since March 2010, KernTax has been a statewide leader in the battle for residential rate reform. The residential rate structure has been completely changed in 2017, from five tiers to two tiers (Tiers 2-5 have the same rate) with a surcharge over 400 percent of baseline.  PG&E’s top tier rates declined from $.498/kWh in 2010 to $.27612/kWh ($.40139/kWh for over 400 percent of baseline).

School General Obligation Bonds. Since 2002, KernTax Board Members have actively engaged with local school districts to assure bond programs are focused and cost-effective. KernTax’s intervention has reduced the cost of school bonds for taxpayers by over $450M.

KernTax regularly attends the weekly Board of Supervisors meetings and is an active participant with County Supervisors on matters important to Kern County taxpayers. Beyond being at the table, we a fully engaged.

Public Pensions. Kern County Employee Retirement Association must be sustainable and well-ordered; The Board of Supervisors placed our Executive Director on the board in 2011 and he was elected Board Chair for 2014. More effective management and better investment returns are top priorities. In 2015, KCERA was nominated as one of the four best small (under $15 billion) plan hedge fund investors by Institutional Investor. Institutional Investor is a highly regarded in­vestment publication.

Community Leadership. Starting in 2009, KernTax has sponsored Kern Leaders Academy, a community leadership program whose purpose is to assist in the development of visionary community leaders who recognize that a healthy business climate is necessary for a strong economy, and a strong economy is necessary for a vibrant community.