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KernTax 80th Anniversary Celebration

Kern County Taxpayers Association (KernTax) is pleased to announce its 80th Anniversary of working to protect the interest of Kern County taxpayers. Founded in 1939, KernTax has worked to ensure that all local taxpayers are represented and treated fairly by any governmental body that collects funds as a tax, fee for service, or through a regulated rate structure.

The KernTax mission is to bring about more accountable, effective, efficient, and reliable government by crafting positions based on common sense, innovation, and the long-term view. KernTax strongly believes that all taxes and fees must be fair, understandable, cost effective, and good for the economy and that expenditures must be fiscally responsible, economically sustainable, and societally equitable. With industry leaders representing education, healthcare, and oil among others, KernTax acts as the guard dog to protect taxpayers’ rights and fiscal security as it relates to governmental fees and spending.

Withdraw Your Signature to Raise Property Taxes

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Did you mistakenly sign a petition for an initiative that would raise property taxes?

Signature gatherers who have set up tables outside supermarkets and at other locations have sometimes posted signs that read, “Protect Prop. 13” or “Property Tax Break.” But those signs are false or highly misleading. If you signed either or both of these petitions and wish to withdraw your signature, please click here.

Q&A with KernTax 80th Annual Meeting Guest Speaker – Jim Mayer

Jim Mayer, guest speaker at Kern County Taxpayers Association 80th Annual Meeting sat down with Bakersfield Californian’s, Bob Price.

See the Q&A here.

Jim Mayer, Senior Fellow, President Emeritus of California Forward

About the Speaker – Jim Mayer

Jim Mayer is the founding Chief Executive and currently serves as Senior Fellow, President Emeritus of California Forward (CA Fwd), a non-profit organization launched in 2007 to bolster democracy and improve the performance of government in California. CA Fwd advances bipartisan political and fiscal reforms and works with state and local agencies to systematically engineer programs and services to improve results. One notable CA Fwd project is CA Economic Summit, the only statewide project harmonizing the priorities of California’s diverse regions into coherent state strategies simultaneously promoting prosperity, equity, and sustainability. The Summit’s Roadmap to Shared Prosperity is a comprehensive agenda for growing middle class jobs, a resilient workforce, and affordable communities.