Bakersfield’s New Path with City Manager, Christian Clegg

Bakersfield’s New Path with City Manager, Christian Clegg

Bakersfield City Manager, Christian Clegg and KernTax Executive Director, Michael Turnipseed discuss Bakersfield’s New Path.

Click the video below to hear about:
  • The background of Bakersfield’s new City Manager
  • What has surprised Mr. Clegg the most since the first day on the job
  • 3-5 year vision for Bakersfield
  • Road to innovation and transformation


Reject Prop. 13, California’s $15 billion school bond plan

Source: Mercury News & East Bay Times Editorial Boards

State legislators want to make more money available for needed school construction and they want to encourage transit-oriented development. Those are laudable goals.

But they shouldn’t perpetuate a system that subsidizes private developers by excusing them from fully funding classroom construction needed for their new homes; force current homeowners to pay more property taxes to make up the shortfall; and drive up construction costs by pushing local districts to use only union labor for school projects.

Vote NO on Prop. 13. Read the full article here.

2020 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity

Source: California Forward

Produced by California Forward and the California Economic Summit, the 2020 Roadmap details priorities and solutions that help more Californians gain access to the Building Blocks of the California Dream and show the Summit network’s commitment to creating inclusive sustainable growth in every region.

Click here to access your digital Roadmap!