Kern County Taxpayers Education Fund

Kern County Taxpayers Education Fund

In April, 2008, the Kern County Taxpayers Education Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, was established to research, organize and disseminate information and education to the public and business community of Kern County, in order to facilitate economic growth and development in Kern County. On March 24, 2009, KCTEF received its nonprofit determination letter from the IRS.

KCTEF’s first project is the Kern Leaders  Kern Leaders Academy is a community leadership program,  whose purpose is to assist in the development of visionary community leaders who recognize that a healthy business climate is necessary for a strong economy, and a strong economy is necessary for a vibrant community. The Academy will provide education and training to civic, professional and business leaders and others with outstanding leadership potential so that they may enter public service with the appropriate skills and vision to address creatively the challenges facing Kern County.

In addition,  the studies produced by the research and education arm of the Kern County Taxpayers Association assist decision makers, help shape public policy and inform citizens.  KernTax is always looking for ways to expand our researech and launch new and innovative educational programs.

A tax-deductible contribution to the Kern County Education Fund will help fund necessary reseach, fact based analysis on taxpayer issues and expand community education programs.

Kern Leaders Academy