Executive Committee

Brad DeWitt, Chair, (California Resources Corporation)

Kevin Burton, Vice-Chair, (Klein, DeNatale, Goldner)

Tim Rushing, Secretary/Treasurer, (Sentinel Peak Resources)

Jess Frederick, Past Chair (2014-2016), (WZI, Inc.)

Jamie Thornberry, Past Chair (2011-2013)

Marianna Buoni, Past Chair (2008-2010), (Cleanharbors, Buttonwillow)

Jay Hershey, Past Chair (2005-2007), (Kern County Cattlemen’s Association)


KernTax Leadership 2017 Alternates *

Holly Arnold (Hall Ambulance)

Joe Ashley* (California Resources Corporation)

Tom Burke (Kern Community College District)

Cliff Clement (Macpherson Energy Company)

Brian DeWitt (PetroTech Resources)

Kristen Doud  (Pacific Gas and Electric Company)

Rob Duchow (Southern California Gas Company)

Robin Fleming (Chevron, North America)

Amanda Frank* (Adventist Health, Bakersfield)

Barry Hibbard (Newmark, Grubb, ASU &Associates)

Annette Ladner (Chevron, North America)

Kelly Lucas

Allen Lyda (Tejon Ranch Company)

Kevin McCusker (California Water Service)

Randy Teal (Aera Energy Company)

Patty Poire (Grimmway Farms)

Melissa Poole (Wonderful Company)

Tracy Saiki* (Klein, DeNatale, Goldner)

Kim Schaefer (Bakersfield Association of Realtors)

Charles Terry* (Clean Harbors, Buttonwillow)

Kiyoshi Tomono (Adventist Health Bakersfield)

DJ Twohig (Big West Corporation)

Jim Varley (Kern County Superintendent of Schools)

Wayne Vaughn* (Aera Energy Company)

Mike Widhalm* (Wonderful Company)

 Executive Director

Michael Turnipseed