KernTax provides a consistent presence
examining the actions of local goverments

KernTax is Kern County’s Leader on Many Taxpayer Issues

KernTax is a member-supported, 501(c) 4 non-profit corporation, with the mission to bring about more accountable, effective, efficient, reliable  government.  Basing its actions on common sense, innovation, and the long-term view, KernTax crafts positions based on adopted values.  Founded in 1939, KernTax is the guard dog protecting the interests of  Kern County taxpayers.

KernTax views any government collection of funds through any financial conduit to be taxation, be it a clearly identified as a tax, a fee for government service or a regulated rate structure.  If it is excessive or not appropriate, KernTax must, by charter, act to educate and facilitate resolution and ensure fair representation and treatment.  We do not seek subsidies; we simply seek fair return to our local citizens from all regulatory bodies and their agent for levied taxes, fees, etc.

KernTax’s Principles:

All Taxes & Fees

  • Must be fair.
  • Must be understandable.
  • Must be cost effective.
  • Must be good for the economy.

All Expenditures

  • Must be fiscally responsible
  • Must be economically sustainable
  • Must be societally equitable.

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What Others Say About the Kern County Taxpayers Association

“Frankly, KernTax is substantially more engaged and effective than most county taxpayer associations. Of the many around the state that I have worked with, only San Diego’s compares, in my judgment.”

– Dr. Adrian Moore, Vice President, Reason Foundation

“Accordingly, I remain sensitive to customers in Kern County and other such inland climate zones where usage spikes in the summer months mainly due to air conditioning needs result in adverse billing impacts. In addition, I appreciate the valued input of KernTax in this proceeding as a non-traditional intervenor, and believe that this decision provides measured relief for the ratepayers that KernTax represents.”

– Timothy Alan Simon,
CPUC Commissioner, May 31, 2011

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